Mouthguards are essential oral appliances that can be worn for many reasons. Some mouth guards can be called oral splints, appliances, night guards, and athletic guards depending on their purpose. 

Some oral appliances can be used to treat bruxism, grind teeth, prevent or reduce snoring, stabilize and improve TMJ (temporomandibular joints) issues, or protect against injury while participating in athletic activities. You can also buy custom sport mouth guards online.

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To prevent grinding or bruxism, night guards (or occlusal protectors) are used. These custom-fit appliances are made from a durable, thick plastic material that allows your jaw to move freely at night. 

The jaw and facial muscles can relax by removing occlusal obstructions at night. The jaw and facial muscles can be relaxed, which relieves headaches and facial tenderness that are common during the day.

Snore guards can be used to reduce or stop nighttime snoring. These appliances help to keep the jaw and tongue in a good position so that the airway is open. When worn correctly, these appliances can be very effective. The appliance can improve sleep for both the person and those in its vicinity.

Individuals with disorders of the temporomandibular joints may need TMJ appliances or splints. This hinge joint connects the upper cranial bones, also known as the temporal bone, to the lower jaw bone (or the mandible). These appliances can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic measures to restore the structure and function of the joint.

Sport splints, also known as athletic mouth guards, are important appliances to use to prevent injury and trauma to teeth while participating in sports.