Mobile banking basically refers to the availability of banking services in a person's phone. These services can be broadly classified into two major categories:

– Mobile payment 

– Mobile information services

Mobile payments include payment of utility bills, transfer money, payments to vendors, etc. The mobile information services include a balance update, transactions update, etc.

It has been observed that these banking services have grown rapidly, especially during the last few years. Moreover, there are various credit unions like en.psfcu that provide such banking services.

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It is expected to be the next big thing in the banking sector that the bank will increase the services offered every day. Some of the services offered by the bank under it are: Mini-statements and check the history of your account, alerts on account activity, process bill payments and withdrawals, and deposits in the banking agent.

Mobile banking really represents adage of "Anytime, Anywhere Banking". With users from around the world, mobile banking requires a reliable server and systems that can work 24×7.

Banking application is found in all parts of the world. People from all walks of life and from different cultures make mobile payments.

This service is also available in different areas, and the spread of mobile phones is becoming far and wide. Villages and cities are also seeing a growing trend in this area, especially in the banking information services.