What we call the Hindu Astrology as well as Vedic Astrology, Indians simply call it Jyotisha. The term Jyotisha refers to "the study of light" in Sanskrit. It is basically an old, tried-and-true technique of accurately predicting the future. The principles of forecasting the future events this way originate in the Holy Indian texts i.e. the Vedas. There are few main areas of online Hindu study , including the Vedas, –

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* The old-fashioned Indian Astronomy that forecasts the movement of the planets and stars.

* The art of anticipating important events that may strike a country, like the onset of war or earthquakes.

* The art of forecasting the future course of a person's life through an in-depth examination of the horoscopes of his birth.

Making Predictions

It is believed that the Hindu Vedic astrology believes each of the celestial bodies to perform a specific function. Although it believes the sun as the life force that is the most important, it believes the moon as the one who influences cycles of fertility. 

Role of Karma

Even though our Vedic astrology considers the locations of the planets and stars in the birth of a person to predict his future, it is certain that the individual's Karma has caused these celestial bodies to align themselves in a similar manner. Laws of Karma thus combine the concepts of fate and free will. 

The wisdom of the ancient past that has been handed to us is now an important part of the rich cultural heritage. It's the Indian style of astrology, an art form that is distinct from the Western pursuits.