Real estate management is the administration of residential, industrial, or commercial property. Handling the needed people, systems, and processes to manage acquired properties which would include the control, acquisition, accountability, maintenance, disposition, and utilization of it is what it would entail. This is known as property management.

The roles undertaken in real estate management would usually include operating on the landlord's behalf and acting as a liaison between landlord and tenant. In addition to that, a property manager would take on the duties of collecting rent, maintaining it, and serving as a buffer between the tenant and client. One can also consult a manager for property management in Utah using the internet.

Accounting and managing the finances of the real property and acting as the client's representative when dealing with contractors, insurance agencies, and tenants are some of the responsibilities required of this profession. Issues with regards to litigation are also handled by the manager but are ideally dealt with by an attorney with expertise in that area. 

This is why property managers normally have attorneys under them and since managers most often deal with legal issues that would most commonly include non-payment, harassment, evictions, and other such occurrences that are commonplace in property management.

Just be sure that the real estate management service agency you choose to hire is reliable and fulfills the requirements for this profession of the state or country your property is located at.