The role of calcium in our body is undeniable. Calcium is essential in maintaining efficient functioning. Calcium supplements are needed for energy, growth, bones and teeth, nerves, and muscles, and also in keeping the body's activities smooth.

Studies reveal, that the average men and women between the ages of 20 to 50 need approximately 1000 mg of calcium daily, and those between 50 and 70 need about 1200 mg per day. 

There are a number of natural calcium sources that supplement our body with the required amount of calcium supplements. You can find the best prostate pills on Amazon online.

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But if our body does not receive the needed amount from the intake, it actually robs this deficit from our bones and teeth to maintain its requirement and all the functions.

Fragile bones, and osteoporosis, are some of the most common complaints, and this is due to calcium depletion. Calcium also manages the pace of heartbeat and manages blood flow. So a low calcium level can also be one of the underlying causes of hypertension. It is also known to cause polyps in the colon and is linked to cancer of the colon.

Pregnancy is one condition when the calcium supplements intake must be carefully managed. Reduced calcium can cause hypertension, and high calcium intake can cause heavy babies as well as low blood pressure. Besides, calcium is also essential in the development and growth of babies.

There are plenty of rich foods that can be incorporated into our routine diet to help maintain the required calcium requirement.