There are many options for anyone looking to learn how to use roller skates. You can use them for many different sports like figure skating or polo, but they are primarily used for fun.

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This sport has a long history dating back to the mid-seventeen hundreds when an inventor donned a pair of skis to a party and ended up falling.

He tended to forget them after that, but some intrepid inventors rearranged them so they were the 'in-line' variety. They wanted to imitate the ice dancers at the time, and this became very popular.

A century later, a new boot was created that allowed the user to turn like ice dancers. This is how the sport we know today began to flourish. To impress women, men would perform turns and spins. Then, racing games were invented and the sport took off.

In just twenty years, rinks were established all over the country. This became the place where families can have fun and is now a familiar landmark.

Many families are now taking up the sport as a way to stay fit. People would drive all day to burn calories and not leave their cars if they knew how many calories they could burn.

The sport is a great aerobic workout and works all the muscles. It is recommended by the heart association and it is also a great way to lose body fat.