All rose bushes are known for their petal essential oils, which range in color from pale pink to deep red. The most common types of aromatherapy are damask, cabbage, or French rose. This clear to pale yellow oil has a mild, delicate aroma that is light, sweet, and spicy.

"Rose Absolute", distilled with a solvent (alcohol), varies in color from orange to brown and has a deep, dark, and copper-colored aroma, much stronger than Otto der Rose, but available at half the price. You can also look for the best rose essential oil via

Tea Rose Essential Oil

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Some aromatherapists consider roses to be completely inferior, but with the exception of the difference in aroma, the properties and benefits of roses are exactly the same.

The rose is considered by many to be the most regal flower, the most beautiful and elegant flower in the garden. It traditionally symbolizes true love and the essential oil is a tonic for the physical as well as emotional heart.

Rose essential oil relieves sadness, frustration, and sadness while nurturing and strengthening the inner spirit. It creates a calming feeling that allows a person to experience and express love for others and for themselves.

Rose oil has been proven to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from inflammations. The rose extract would have an effect regardless of the source of inflammation. 

Therefore, you can use rose oil for inflammations resulting from fever, infection, indigestion, and dehydration. Furthermore, rose vital oils are also antiseptic which makes them very useful for injuries as well.