Paintball is a popular event to enjoy with your friends, corporate and team building events. You can now also have bachelorette, paintball birthday parties and more. There are different color levels for recreational paintball. Some low-end reduction balls are actually recycled from worn or damaged paintballs.

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This cheaper type of paintball paint is highly discouraged as it tends to break in the gun and is inaccurate due to slight deformation of the paintball bowl. A slightly higher level of fun paintball colors will last a little better for the average gamer. 

On a recreational level, these paintballs range from about $30 to $50 for a 2000 case, with a medium-thick shell, flowing fill, and a case where the ball won't break on impact and will just bounce. 

As mentioned earlier, using high-quality paintball paint will help you improve your game. It's still pretty cheap, and you can buy anywhere from $45 to $60 for a 2000 case if you buy it from a good online retailer, $50-75 for a typical paintball arena. 

This mid-range paintball has a darker tan, fewer holes, a smoother shell, and a denser paint on the inside. This mid-range paintball gives you better accuracy and is less likely to break on impact. You finally have tournament-level paintball. 

You can buy paintball paint of this caliber from most paintball shops and companies; costs between $65 and $90 for a 2000 case. You can definitely find better deals online for professional paintball paints. This is the best paintball you can get, with the highest accuracy, the thickest paint, and almost always breaks on impact.