You don't need a new display to make an impact at your next industry event. Renting a custom trade show display is a great way to get the impact you want on a tight budget.

Renting custom trade show exhibits is usually one-third the cost of purchasing comparable booths. This allows you to have the most recent designs and customizations every year without having to spend a lot on new displays. You can rent your trade booth online at

Trade Show Display Rentals

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This guide will help you build the perfect exhibit for your company if you are looking to rent a trade show booth rental.

o The booth. The booth's design will be determined by the exhibit consultant. These features can be customized to include conference rooms, workshop areas, storage canopies, shelving, and other options.

o Flooring. Your custom exhibit should not be limited to renting carpeting from show managers. There are many options available for renting flooring, including wood flooring, interlocking tiles, and raised platforms. Some floors can even have your logo printed on them.

o Hanging signs can help you get your message across and make it stand out from the crowd. You can rent the hardware and purchase the fabric graphic skins.

o, Exhibit graphics. All you need to purchase your booth graphics is a custom-designed rental exhibit for trade shows. Your rental exhibit can have complex, custom-designed graphics. This is in contrast to a simple pop-up display that has a Velcro panel. Your graphics are always available for you if you rent the same exhibit twice.