People who are bearing from social anxiety disorder tend to avoid going to any social-related situations. It is because these people will feel very uncomfortable around other people, especially with a stranger. Do not get wrong about these people. They want to socialize with people, but they can't. In this article, you will learn about social anxiety disorder and its symptoms, and overcoming social anxiety.

When social anxiety patients are under great discomfort under the social situations, their unease feeling and worries will manifest into a physical form, and starting to affect their actions and thoughts. The feeling of wanting to escape from the situation is so overwhelming to the point, they start to swear excessively, and tremble.

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For more extreme cases, they will experience a stomachache and headache. Because of these intense feelings, it is very common for these sufferers to have difficulty urinating in a public restroom with other people. Rapid heartbeat when you are surrounded by people or talked with people is another indication that you are social anxiety disorder victim.

From a normal perspective, running away from social situations looks like a good move for social anxiety sufferers, but the truth is, it is not. It only makes the disorder get worse than usual. If you are avoiding too many social situations, you will become a shut-in. Sure that avoiding everything and everyone is the easiest thing to do, but this is obviously not a healthy approach.

No matter how serious is your mental illness, you need minimum interaction with others to live. There are so many wonderful things that life can offer, and shutting yourself off will leave you out of so many opportunities. It is important for social anxiety victims to stay strong and not to fall into self-pity.