Within many industries that require the transportation of goods, the packaging used to contain the products is commonly made from cardboard. As an inexpensive material that can be quickly and easily obtained, it's no surprise that businesses choose to use cardboard boxes within transit.

However, with the continual need to replace them due to their temporary nature, the implementation is becoming increasingly ineffective for both the environment and the business using them. Specialist crate companies can provide an excellent alternative with plastic crate hire, which provides a modern-day solution to an old age transportation issue.

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So why use plastic crates over cardboard? Firstly, let's consider the environmental implications of using each.

Due to the material, cardboard boxes are not designed for repeated use, but more for a single or few uses. This means that they will need frequent replacement, creating a demand for more materials which will invariably have a negative impact on the environment. Instead, plastic crates present a consistent means of transporting goods, as they can be used time and time again, leaving the environment untouched.

The next aspect to deliberate is the reliability that the crates or boxes provided. The cardboard will quickly deteriorate, and if it is subjected to any moisture, the structure will quickly lose all strength and fall apart. On the other hand, plastic crates are able to tolerate all weather conditions, remaining sturdy and reliable at all times, making them an extremely reliable container.

Cardboard can also be easily squashed, and if transporting goods such as food, all of your goods may be compromised by storing them in a flimsy box. This could potentially mean your business loses out on large amounts of money and render your transportation attempt pointless. Crates will remain resilient to pressure, providing a safe and secure haven for all contents within.