Self-managed pension funds are increasingly popular with blue-collar or white-collar workers in Australia. Pension accumulation means that most of the income is regularly disposed of in a separate fund to receive fixed income later in the retirement phase.

Professionally managed SMSF is seen as a profitable alternative to retirement savings.


If you choose to set up SMSF, you could run into a significant recession of taxes paid against those funds. According to the Australian Tax Administration (ATO) guidelines, SMSF members only need to pay 15% tax which is subsequently deducted based on other tax credits.

smsf tax

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Investment decision

Perhaps the most important reason why DIY funds are so popular is their autonomy in investment decisions for funds. The trustee of the fund has several options for investing the funds. SMSF offers maximum control over investment decisions.

Low price

Since it is a self-administered pension fund, the costs of setting up and maintaining a pension fund are very low. SMSF makes much more sense than personal or large funds.

Secured assets

In cases like bankruptcy, a person's assets remain protected by creditors or lenders when the pension funds are managed independently.

However, it is important to consider that only well-maintained funds, which means in compliance with rules are regulations laid by the governing body, are eligible to enjoy the benefits of a self-managed superannuation fund.