plumbing and gas Brisbane


Imagine this situation when you are about to get ready for a shower and suddenly notice the water running from the faucet with strange colors. If this does happen, calling a plumber is absolutely vital to solve the problem at the earliest. There are a ton of reasons behind this problem. In order to understand what those reasons are, here are a few.

  1. Presence of Minerals and Rust – Presence of minerals and rust on pipes made of galvanized steel causes the water to turn red in color. Old homes are usually equipped with this type of pipe. Moreover, the presence of minerals forces the protective zinc layer to wear off.
  2. Presence of Algae – Presence of algae on the pipe system forces the water to change green in color. Algae is considered to be a natural microbe that is known to develop on the pipe system. Only a professional can help in getting rid of algae.
  3. Presence of Copper Pipes – Presence of algae is not the only reason that leads changes the color of water into green. Presence of copper pipes is another reason that causes the water to change into green as well. Copper is considered to cause harmful diseases to which hiring a professional plumber is ideal to get rid of. The kidney and liver of our body starts getting affected due to copper. Therefore, get rid of this problem asap by calling a professional plumber.

In Brisbane, plumbing and gas problems should only be solved by professional plumbers.