Ask any student in Singapore, and they will tell you that tuition is one of the most common shared experiences they have grown up. But add physics (or any H2 science) into the mixture, and you might hear complaints of challenges.

But educators believe that it isn’t just the subject but how we teach the subject that matters most to our students. And this is why we believe in the key ingredients to make physics tuition the most engaging it can be for our young learners.

Experience and passion as a teacher

We’ve all dreaded lessons in a school where a teacher drones on and on, but a teacher who loves what they teach as well as being highly personable can bring even the driest of subjects to life. While teaching is a lifelong learning process, students can only love our lessons if they see how much we love what we teach.

Curiosity is the mark of an engaged student

Learning is much more than memorizing and regurgitating what we have previously read a hundred times. But leaping from memorizing to an innate curiosity can come from a shift in textbook learning to linking concepts to daily life around us. 

Dynamic group learning culture

Students can only do so many physics practice papers in their weekly schedule. Factor in the other countless subjects they have, and you have a real fight for time. 

They know there are many physics tuition classes in Singapore, and learning this subject can often feel like a chore. But we at best physics tuition believe that our teaching style can bring out the best of our students, no matter where their starting point is.