It is possible to plant ficus trees, even though it may seem difficult. It is possible to plant healthy ficus trees. These guidelines are important to follow. This will make the ficus tree last longer.

Genus ficus tree prefers indirect sunlight so it should not be placed too close to a window that receives more than one hour of direct sunlight per day. The ficus tree should be watered only when its soil layer is dry.

The soil can be fertilized lightly with a soluble mix. While a well-rotted soil would make a great dressing for ficus trees, it wouldn't provide the nutrients the houseplant needs. The plant should be fertilized every couple of weeks in the summer, but it shouldn't be fertilized at all during winter.

ficus tree

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Explanation of the Specifications and Requisite conditions:

Pruning is necessary to prevent the tree from falling. It is recommended to use nursery ties to stake the ficus tree. This would make it easier to plant ficus trees.

If a person has a braided trunk, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to braid the tree. The braiding is usually done in a 3-strand braid. It is best to trim the branches at the sides in such cases.

It is important not to forcibly cut the tree limbs. A larger pot will allow for the drying of more soil. For planting ficus trees, it is important to have room temperature. The plant would be harmed if temperatures exceed 10 degrees Celsius.