Sometimes it can be hard to keep your toilet bowl clean. This can be particularly difficult if your water is hard or you are trying to remove stains from the toilet bowl. You can be certain that the effort required to clean your toilet is worth it.  

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Here are some tips to make your toilet cleaner and easier.

You should clean the toilet’s bottom and the area where the water enters. These areas will not get clogged with tile or hard water.

A hard-bristled scrub brush is best. If you have a specific job, a pumas rock can be used. A hard-bristled toilet brush will suffice for most jobs. You may need something stronger, such as a pumas rock.

A pumas stone is slightly more soft than porcelain, although most people don’t realize it. This allows you to scrub the porcelain as much as possible without scratching it. This works well with sinks.

If the stain is below the surface of the water, you may want to soak the toilet bowl cleaners in the bowl for a night. There are three options: bleach, CLR, or Mu-rec Acid.

They should not be used in tandem. These chemicals are very strong so make sure to use gloves and eye protection. Also, be sure to follow all safety instructions on the label.