Cellular phones became one of the most notable inventions in the last 30 years. According to a poll done by the Marist Institute of Public Opinion, about 87% of people in the United States have their own mobile unit. Owning a cell phone is very convenient to get an uninterrupted line of communication with your family and work. But owning one does entails some kind of responsibility from the owner. After all, you cannot forever expect your unit to be running well especially with the case of the phone battery.

The battery is what makes your phone runs all day; therefore, it is appropriate to take care of it. So, if you're browsing the web for good tips on how to care for your cell phone battery then this article is a must-read. We will discuss the tips on how to get longest battery life.

How to Take Care of Your Battery

Turn off all unnecessary sounds from the unit, such as key tones, alert tones, and more.

Limit screen brightness to 50%. Work on mobile gadgets too bright not only battery-consuming but perhaps unsightly. Along with this, you reject the backlight settings.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. Do the same with your Bluetooth. Having this app on your battery will drain more quickly.

Shut down any application if you do not use them. Depending on your phone model, you have to follow a certain way to get it done.

Turn off the vibration to drain your battery really fast. ringtone actually consume lower amounts of battery.

Always keep your phone and battery in cold temperatures. If you must store your phone away, make sure that it has a charge of 40% and more.

Do not drain your battery. In case you have a habit of draining your battery frequently then you just add extra pressure to her life. While it is true that the battery must be removed from time to time, most companies would only recommend doing it once like in the 20 allegations.

After buying a battery, have the patience to fill at least 16 hours before use.

Do not expose the battery to severe heat.