The term is thrown around very frequently, you hear it all of the time in discussions or in anger for instances when a vehicle isn't doing as well as it ought to, but what's really considered a crap car?  

A lot of folks envision an orange rusty old small automobile sitting in a yard or in the driveway, so I mean that has been the very first thing that used to come into my head until I became so unnaturally knowledgeable about this area.  You can also sell junk car for the money in Long Beach.

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It never happened to me that anything outside that mental image could be predicted, and let alone believed a crap car.  

Only a few outdated parts out of"item" that had no motive for anybody at all, see I can't get that picture out of my mind, but in most people's eyes, a vehicle could be considered crap because of numerous distinct reasons or circumstances. 

You could probably only envision an individual kicking the bicycle of the car since it just stopped functioning in the midst of a highway.  

 Additionally, automobiles that have been in accidents could be considered crap cars also, particularly when they seem to be beyond repair. Generally, any automobile which has little if any significance to its owner is thought to be a crap car.  

Whether the car will not operate, got wrecked in a crash, or the expense to repair a broken-down automobile exceeds the owner’s sensed price of the automobile, it's regarded as a junk or salvage automobile.  

Besides individual perceptions, many nations have the power that they declare a car crap, salvaged, rebuilt, etc too.