Dog daycare is an attractive concept for a growing number of people on the run. Prior to the development of pet ownership, animals were left at home all day, often kept in cages, confined indoors, or surrounded by yards, to amuse themselves or cause trouble as they felt necessary.

Many owners return to shabby homes, chewing shoes, or stray dogs roaming the neighborhood. Dog daycare services eliminate this problem by providing a safe place for animals to congregate and play in their owner's absence.

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In kennels, dogs receive daily grooming services including, but not limited to, bathing, brushing, trimming nails, trimming hair, and cleaning their eyes, ears, and teeth. In some centers, there may be more detailed functions, e.g. cleaning the anal glands.

In a society where rebellious dogs can be forced to sleep, it is imperative that all dogs behave well. Dogs spend time each day with a special trainer who works with them on basic commands such as: sitting and calling.

In many places, "dog camps" with training facilities are offered for pets. Almost all of these animals are considered untrained. Highly qualified staff work with animals daily and teach basic dog skills through repetition.

This program has produced active results allowing dogs to devote more time and attention to their training than full-time owners can.