If your vehicle has winch straps, winch bars are an indispensable tool you should not leave without. With a little bit of strength, winch bars provide you the leverage required to secure your load to the truck and let them loose when you're ready to take them off.

This article will help know the various options available when you are buying winch bars. It will also aid you in choosing which you should include in the collection of your flatbed equipment. If you own a Ford Everest car then you can buy a winch bar and rhino 3D evolution bar (Ford Everest 2019 on) online.

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Standard Winch Bars

Winch bars that are standard in design and size are a good choice for those who utilize web-based winches made of synthetic. The simple bars come with the standard mushroom tip that is able to slide right into the regular web winches.

Combination Winch Bars

Winch bar combos are also known as combo bars go one step further by their capability to not only loosen and tighten synthetic winch straps but also release chain binders for lever chains.

There are two types that combine winch bars are traditional combination bars as well as a bar with a square-headed head. The square head is an additional safety feature because the tension of lever binders could cause a serious kickback.

In contrast to conventional combination winch bars that have hollow ends that slide over the lever and the lever, winch bars with square heads have the slightest pivot point which minimizes the force potential should your bar bounce back and hit you.