User-Friendly Web Design and Development

In the modern business environment, it is the website that is the face of an enterprise or a company. It is therefore necessary that the business website is so designed and developed that it brings in large volumes of business with a high rate of conversions. This after all should be the focus of any venture.

In order to get it right the first time around, small businesses and start-ups should get in touch with well known web development and digital marketing agencies to have a highly optimised website structured for them. Even large and reputed companies should consistently update their websites so that the latest products and services are consistently brought to the notice of their existing and potential customers.

There is a general notion that web design is primarily about getting the colours, the fonts and the images right. In fact it is much more than that. The process starts from discussing the finer points of the business to understanding goals and objectives to even evaluating competitors’ websites to understand what has made them successful.

The whole purpose of having a good web design is to hold on to the attention of the visitor. The longer he/she stays on the site, the higher is the possibility of a conversion or even a query with the possibility of a future sale. All information should be explicitly laid out with very clear and attractive “call to action” buttons.

Even though web design and development is usually mentioned in the same breath, there is a subtle difference between the two. Web development is the process of setting up a site so that it is ready for the Internet. A complete website may range from a single page of text to hundreds of pages as in large corporate entities. Other concerns are the type of website (ecommerce or general sites), devising complex applications and ensuring network security.

Non-design aspects include coding, writing and mark-up and site building. Only when web design and development and testing are over can a site be fully functional.

While web design and development have a crucial role to play in its creation web hosting is equally important as it makes websites accessible on the World Wide Web. Web companies provide space on their servers to clients for Internet connectivity either on an ownership or a leased basis.

However, after all these processes are over, it has to be ensured that websites have high rankings on results pages of major search engines. Only after the site achieves good online presence and visibility will traffic start to flow in with a corresponding rise in conversions and sales. This is achieved with specialised tools related to online digital marketing.

Every factor of design, development and hosting of a site has to be taken into account before a website can be expected to bring in the desired results. This is the primary reason why it is recommended that top relevant agencies only be allotted this vital task.

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