Global investment consulting refers to the service offered to foundations, trustees, individuals, and corporations who are putting their money offshore or buying stocks from outside their countries.

You can also hire the services of a family office investing in the UAE.

Global Investment Consulting Market, Top key players are Bain &

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Global investment consultants may offer the following services; planning, strategy, implementation, and structure of ongoing portfolio management. The aim is to make sure that their clients will profit as much as possible from their global investments.

Here's how you can advance in global investment consulting:

1. Communication is the key. Establish clear and ongoing communication with your clients. Keep them posted on relevant issues that can affect their investment. You can send them an email or give them a call to give them up-to-date information — they'll appreciate it.

2. Strengthen the image of your company. If you are the one running the consulting firm, you need to make sure that you project a professional image in the business world.

3. Keep your clients posted. There are so many elements that can affect the investments of your clients like political stability, military coup, and other activities that may affect commercial business pursuit.

You will need to keep your clients posted about these things so they can make well-informed decisions about their investments.

4. Offer excellent recommendations. You must be extremely knowledgeable about the stock market in order to do this. Offer your clients recommendations/advice as to how they can grow their investment even if they are not asking for it.