Gas-powered lawn mowers have a bad rap. They have many disadvantages as compared to electric lawnmowers. Gas-powered mowers are noisy, dirty, and require much greasy maintenance. 

The noise, smoke, and bother of maintaining a gas-powered lawnmower, have led many wise homeowners to consider purchasing an electric lawnmower. There are many electric lawn mowers available on the market in Australia. You can find 10 of the Best Lawn Mowers on the Market in Australia (2019) via an online search.

electric lawn mower

An added benefit to the planet, electric mowers are also environmentally conscious, saving not only on noise pollution but also on greenhouse carbon gases. Other considerations to consider: changing spark plugs, air filters, handling gas canisters, and the loud gas-powered lawnmower noise, which can actually damage the hearing.

Electric Lawn Mower has many Benefits

Electric mowers are quiet, require very little maintenance, and are very affordable; in fact, electricity costs can be as little as $10-20 per year. The biggest disadvantage of electric mowers, however, is the cord. A large lawn requires a very long cord that may get in the way while you are cutting the grass.

A cordless electric mower, on the other hand, allows you to cut the lawn without worrying about a long and vulnerable cord, of running over the electric cable or your home garden hose accidentally. For very large lawns, it is probably a good idea to go cordless, as the cord length for large lawns quickly becomes unmanageable.

Cordless Mowers Price Considerations

Cordless electric lawn mowers may cost you more money, as there is an added component of the rechargeable batteries. 

Be sure to keep your mower safely stored in a garden shed with your other garden accessories & hose reels, or a secure yard. Maintenance is generally much simpler than the gas-powered mower, and the neighbors will also appreciate not having garden noise pollution.