The MultiPro tailgate found on the GMC Sierra in 2020 suggests that the tailgate may be more valuable than several people had earlier thought. You can also look for the best multipro tailgate through various online sources.

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Minor changes have been made, such as the ability to remove the tailgate with multiple locks or buttons in the cabinet yet the tailgate itself remained relatively the same over the years. The GMC Sierra MultiPro tailgate is a whole new innovation for the tailgate itself. 

Here is some tailgate configurations:

While many trucks have tailgates, but not all tailgates are designed equal. GMC Sierra tailgates are designed for everything. With some different tailgate configurations, the opportunities are endless.

The first position is just your standard main tailgate release. There's nothing new in this, just press the up button on the tailgate, or there's a tailgate key in the cab as well as your key ring.

The second position is the load stop. With the tailgate open, easily wrap up the load stop. This position is useful for loads that may be slightly too long with the tailgate raised.

The third position is the folding inner door. The inner grille folds down for easy access to the bed.

The fourth position is the full-width step. Extend your load stop with the inner cover down and you'll find a continuous step for easy access to the bed. With these folded arms, getting into the cargo area of your truck is easier than ever.