Mobility limitation is a common functional incapacity faced by many people. For them, being able to enter or exit buildings or get in and out of vehicles is a matter of everyday efficiency and independence. That's why rubber ramps are gaining popularity day by day. For those who use power chairs, rubber ramps are a practical and affordable accessibility solution. 

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Rubber ramps are widely popular everywhere to improve accessibility. They are easy to install and you can use them dynamically to transport a wheelchair to home, office, mall, church, park, car and hotels.

Below are some benefits that people get from rubber ramps:

  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and residential or commercial purposes
  • Available in different sizes and thickness
  • An eco-friendly alternative to aluminum
  • Slip-resistant, which ensures the safety
  • You can have a custom fit
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Easy to maintain

Rubber ramps are long-lasting, slip-resistant recycled rubber makes it safe to navigate uneven surfaces. You can easily cut the rubber to provide an exact fit for doorstops. The rubber construction makes it capable of supporting very large loads. 

There are several benefits of installing a ramp both inside and outside the house. Moreover, they provide independence and improve the lifestyle of people with mobility restrictions.