Many parents start their first trip with a link and education courses in information delivery. Most hospitals in the UK and Australia offer classes often free or at a low cost. Also, many groups offer courses, including NCT and Lamaze Hypnobirthing to name a few.

There are also many independent childbirth educators offering eclectic and sometimes online childbirth courses. Also, a growing number of new parents elect distance learning options such as DVDs or online.

online childbirth classes

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Here are some questions to ask when selecting an education childbirth class:

What do you want to do during childbirth education? If you want to learn more about the policies and procedures at the hospital and the courses they offer can be your best choice. If you specifically want to learn management methods during labor, then Lamaze and Hypnobirthing may be best for you.

What kind of time do you invest in the classes? One of the most common reasons that many new parents do not take the classes is that their lives are so hectic and too full schedules to accommodate weekly during extended. 

Do you have any special needs? Most childbirth classes are focused on the "norm". As such, if you have a C-section, multiples, VBAC, or several other special circumstances, these classes can contain very little useful information for you. On the other hand, specialized classes are hard to find too. Your best option may be either independent classes or online.