Face masks help in preventing the spread of disease. Masks are usually loose and cover your nose and mouth. There are many types of face masks. The important is:

Surgical masks: These masks are used to trap your body fluids, such as saliva and nasal fluids, and thus prevent infection droplets from spreading to others. They come with two straps hanging from the ears. Some come with straps that cover your ears. This mask is good for wearing when you have a cold, cough, flu, or when working with patients.

You can buy protective face shields  online also.

Respiratory protective devices: These are also known as particle respiratory protective devices and are intended to protect you from inhaling vapors, dust, gases, and vapors.

How to wear a face mask

Note that you only need to wear the mask once and then throw it in the trash. You should also remove the mask as soon as it gets wet.

To use this device, you must first wash your hands with soap and water. If possible, it is also advisable to clean your hands with a hand sanitizer.

Then you have to take the device out of its packaging and take it with you. If the lid has ear loops, you need to hold it close to the ear loops and wrap the contour around the ear.

If the mask has ties, then you need to move the mask to the level of your nose and place the knot over the crown of your head, then secure it with a bow.

If the face mask has a strip, make sure to hold it in your hand with your nostrils or the top of the mask along your arm so that the headband can move freely under your hand.