If it comes to modern companies, selling online is regarded as the best choice to choose this may reach a target market on a worldwide scale.

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But first things first, it's crucial to plan out and prepare your shop before you produce your site.

First of all, make a lot of research. If you are going to enter into a retail business, research possible suppliers; if you are selling handmade jewelry determine if you are making them yourself or there are other people who are making the jewelry for you.

You can research on the internet, but you can also look in your local area and talk to the crafters and artisans there, they may just be interested in supplying you with your jewelry and may even see that as an opportunity to sell their works.

Second, if you are going to sell supplies for jewelry, look for wholesalers or a specific wholesaler who will supply you with the materials that people are looking for.

 Research on what are those materials which are commonly used in making jewelry as well as unusual materials that may attract others.

Third, you need to purchase your domain, so you really need to think of a catchy name and logo that is short, sweet, to the point, and best describes your site.