In today's workforce, companies must find ways to recognize their employees and honor their achievements in diverse ways. The very purpose of a reward is to express your appreciation and recognize someone for their achievements.

You do this by capturing and expressing your sentiments through an award. When it comes to rewarding your employees for their hard work and efforts, the options are endless. Custom recognition honors are great when you want something specific and unique.

The traditional way to show one's appreciation and reward someone is with trophies. Trophies come in different metals, but can also be made out of wood, resin, or glass.

Two common styles are used cup/vase trophy and post/column trophy. They are typically given out at sporting events, games, and, of course, the office.

What better way to say "good job" than with a plaque with your employee's name on it. Much like trophies, plaques can be made up of different materials and come in all sizes.

They are easy to store and don't take up much space, because they can be conveniently hung on a wall. The plaques come in a variety of custom shapes, like the Maltese Cross.

Certificates are another convenient way to recognize good behavior. They state a person's name and what they are being recognized for. Like plaques, they, too, can be framed and hung on a wall. Certificates can also be custom-made, depending on the occasion.

This is the most commonly used award to commemorate athletes in sporting events. Medals, or medallions, which can be slightly larger than a medal, come in different materials.

You can find medals made of glass, wood, and metal. Depending on the ceremony, medals can be custom-made to suit your taste.