Railings are a safe installation and are essential for any elevated structure like a deck or a balcony. However, some homeowners don’t believe they need aluminum railings for a porch. They want to cut down on expenses and keep their porch open. 

Here’s a look at why you still need porch railings:

1. Safety – Porches sit close to the ground and most of them aren’t even thirty inches above the surface. Small children and pets can trip, fall, and crack bone if there’s no protective barrier to keep them safe. You can even check out some stylish and safe railings for your porch from various online sources. 

While the injuries are unlikely to cause any serious issues, they will still hurt. The elderly and disabled individuals in residence are even more vulnerable to falls or injuries. Aluminum railings for a porch are a one-time investment that can keep everyone safe.

2. Land Settling – Porches built on soil instead of packed foundations need railings. Water can wash away some of the earth from under the porch and increase the distance between the ground and the porch. 

If this distance crosses the 30-inch point, you may have to add soil to the surface or install aluminum railings for a porch. 

3. Slope – If your home sits on a slope, your porch will have a slope as well. This increases the chances of an accident and makes the installation unsafe, especially for people with mobility issues. If you have disabled or elderly residents, it is a good idea to install a railing to give them something to grip. Slopes can also increase the distance between the porch and ground in some sections.