Each state has its own strict laws regarding child support. The laws state that the child's support amount is a legal requirement and must be made on a consistent basis or else adverse consequences could result. The laws that govern child maintenance were created in the belief that the payment of child support on a regular schedule is in the best interest of the child and could influence their life.

A child support attorney can help enforce the current order and make sure that all back payments are paid all in one single lump sum whenever needed.

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In accordance with the law, the state can determine the amount due per month, based on the specific guidelines that the state follows. These guidelines were designed to ensure that the amount allocated to the state is a fair amount and that nobody is in debt on the support payment.

Family law lawyers are aware that the many parents who do not have custody are trying to avoid the obligation to pay for support. There aren't enough enforcers in the state to be able to track each case of delinquency in which the back payment is due to the child's care.

Custodial parents typically are able to track the parent that is not custodial, and make sure that their orders for support are enforced and that their support is on track, the parent is in dire financial trouble. If you're able to convince the official that your situation is a valid reason, an order could be made to make a payment in one lump sum to support your child.

  • The statute contains specific provisions determining the amount of interest due for back support. The statute also states that a parent that is not paying back the support may lose their driver's license, as well as other privileges provided by the federal government.

  • Furthermore, there are clauses that provide that wages can be deducted from the pay of the defendant, in addition to tax refunds from the federal and state levels.

If you're the parent who hasn't received child support payments A divorce lawyer or legal counsel for families can help you in finding the money due in arrears and your regular payment schedule that is ordered by the court.