The GMC MultiPro tailgate is a multifunctional tailgate offered for full-size GMC Sierra pickups. By minimizing effort and maximizing performance, MultiPro is flexible and functional. You can also visit Tailgate Fix to know more about multipro tailgates.

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The GMC MultiPro tailgate gives the following six positions.

1. Primary Gate Access

The main gate is identical to the traditional back gate. It can be opened with a keychain release button, from inside the vehicle or a button on the tailgate of an actual truck.

2. Primary Gate Load Stop

The main gate load limiter prevents objects from slipping out of the box. It requires the main gate to be opened.

3. Foldable Inner Gate For Easy Access

The inner gate closes down for simple access when loading and unloading boxes.

4. Full-Width Step

The inner gatefolds in one big step for easy getting in and out of the box. It has a maximum weight of 170 kg. The assist handle extends on the driver's side of the box, which allows for easier entry.

5. Inner Gate Load Stop

The inner gate contains a load limiter to stop second-tier things from sliding out of the box.

6. Inner gate working surface

Opening the internal gate outward presents a work exterior as well as a second-tier loading capacity.

In supplement to the six tailgate positions, the GMC MultiPro also offers a built-in loudspeaker as an official GMC accessory. Bluetooth-connected speakers are placed on the two outer sides of the center port, while one of the inner panels provides voice control.