The most common treatment for allergies is to avoid whatever you are allergic to. While you can't stay indoors or eat nut foods during pollen season, there's really nothing you can do to avoid dust. It's everywhere and not just where you can see it. 

You can clean as many surfaces as you want, there are still millions of dust mites lurking all over your home. The key to staying healthy is knowing how to get dust explosive relief services. Here are some tips to help you:-

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* Remove the carpet. Hardwood floors can be expensive, but they are much better for your health. Carpets are a great place for dust mites to hide, and a vacuum cleaner won't help eliminate the problem. If you can't get rid of the carpet, use a hepa-filtered vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner with hot water as often as possible. Another alternative is a hard floor with carpet on it. Carpets can be easily washed or steam-cleaned to remove dust.

* Protect your mattress. Just like your carpet, mattresses are a great place to hide mites. But unlike your mattress, you probably won't be spending a third of your life on your carpet. Since you may not be able to change your mattress all the time, you will find an allergy cover specifically for your mattress. They also make covers for your pillows.

* Clean your bed. Your mattress and pillows aren't the only places on the bed that mites love. They can accumulate on your sheets and blankets. This is why it is important to wash all bed linen in hot water at least every two weeks. You should also consider a blanket made of synthetic material, not fleece or other natural fibers.