Some markers can be used to indicate a reading disorder even before your child starts school. Your child will be able to receive more specialized instruction in reading if he starts it sooner than later. 

You can do many things at home and in school, including word games and songs. Research shows that children who do not get adequate help in the first three grades will struggle to read and write well into high school. If your child is surviving high school with Dyslexia then you can get an easy dyslexia test to cure it quickly.

These are some of the signs that dyslexia can be detected.

Warning Signs of Dyslexia


* Difficulty in naming words (word retrieval problems)

* Difficulty rhyming

* Difficulty understanding phonemes (take "c" out of cat).

* Mixing up sounds & syllables

Elementary School

* Dysfluency

* Dysgraphia is slow, non-automatic handwriting

* It is difficult to learn cursive

* Slow, choppy and inaccurate reading-guesses, or skips

* Can be difficult if you misunderstand words.

* Trouble remembering sight words

* School resistance is different from school phobia

* Feel overwhelmed by lengthy reading passages

* Deterioration of self-esteem: Usually between 2nd and 3rd grades

Many children find that reading "clicks in" for them and they are able to master the code of reading. Others, however, find reading slow and tedious and avoid it at all costs. As they move up the grades, this can have devastating consequences.